Residential Rehabilitation


Women with or without children who are over 18 years of age, and are experiencing more severe problematic alcohol and/ or other drug use. Children up to the age 8 can be permanently accommodated with their mothers.


Kamira offers an Alcohol and other Drugs Residential Rehabilitation Program that operates as a modified therapeutic community, utilising current evidenced based practices.
It is 6 to 9 months in duration dependent upon clients prior history and their current needs.
It is a highly structured comprehensive program incorporating: therapeutic groups and individual counselling conducted by tertiary trained and experienced staff, child care and parent effectiveness training, healthy dietary plans, yoga and relacation training, gardening, camping and other extra curricula activities.
The program requires clients to be alcohol, drug and smoke free
Kamira is staffed 24 hours.


All interested women are encouraged to call and speak to Intake Staff about their current medications. Kamira does not currently provide services to women on pharmacotherapies such as methadone.


All residents are charged a board and lodgings fee of 80% of their Social Security payment. This fee covers all costs including 8 weeks nicotine replacement therapy (should it be required), however it does not cover toiletries and other personal effects.


Please call during business hours to book a time for an assessment. Assessments are conducted over the phone and take approximately 30 minutes.


We have a lot more to tell you and you probably have a lot more to ask, so please call us during business hours or email us and we will get back to you ASAP. Rest assured all enquiries are dealt with confidentially.


The Residential Rehabilitation Program is financially supported by The New South Wales Health Department, The Department of Health and Aged Care, and The Department of Community Services.