"I graduated from Kamira's program in 1999. I spenta year at Kamira, through all the seasons, birthdays, New Year's, etc. Each day and time brought me new learning. I learnt in the structured groups, and also from living within the therapeutic community. This involved learning about myself through interactions with the other residents, and with staff, finding out how to live in a routine, and discovering new responsibilities as I moved through the stages of the Kamira program.

I brought my three year old son with me. Our children, and our relationship with them, are valued at Kamira. I learnt a lot about my parenting style, and ways to improve that. Kamira strives to meet our children's needs. My son had his birthday celebrated at Kamira, attended a kindy, had access to heaps of toys to play and learn with, and could see extended family whenever possible. Kamira and I have both changed over the past ten years, and both of us for the better! I've been able to put in place the skills and attitudes I learnt at Kamira, and use them to develop, learn new skills, study, work, parent, and build new relationships. Kamira, aside from the amazing new building, has changed and grown too. The program is constantly evaluated and updated, and the staff are professional, and excellent at their jobs. I would recommend a stay at Kamira to any woman looking to change her life."


"I came to Karmira after spending 7 mths in Odyssey House. I spent my last 3 mths of rehabilitation with Kamira with my beautiful daughter.after a hard struggle with an addiction for 17 years of and on i am now living a drug free life with my daughter. Kamira showed me ways to live a life free of speed and showed me the postive steps that i needed to take to better my life.i learnt relapse prevention techniques and learnt to identify how i was feeling each morning and how to put those feeling into something positive when i was feeling anxious.

I also was taught positive parenting skills to encourage good behaviours with my daughter and most important developed boundaries with my peers. I have been in recover for 2 and half years. I have nearly completed my studies in Community Welfare certificate 4 and I am helping co-ordinate a parenting program with the organisation that I am working for. I recommend "kamira" to those women who want tp make postive change in their lives like I did. I always look back on my stay at Kamira and always have a smile that appears on my face with those thoughts, in fact I miss kamira."